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Who in their right mind would pay good money to play blackjack on their iPhone with a 3D model of Kasumi from Tecmo's Dead or Alive series?

Me, apparently. Upon being tipped off to the game's availability on the iTunes App Store I hopped right over and picked it up, just to see what it was all about. It's a pretty simply game of blackjack, with Kasumi dealing. As you win cash you unlock new outfits - so far I've unlocked three, including a bikini and a cheerleader outfit - and you can use your cash to buy images in the gallery, which can then be used as wallpaper on your phone.


It's a nifty little game for $3.99, though considering some of the titles you can get for a few bucks more it might be lacking a little substance. Probably worth it if you're a big Kasumi fan, but I'm more of an Ayane sort of guy.

Girls of DoA Blackjack [Tecmo Touch Games - Thanks Corn!]

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