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In Akiba's Trip, players are tasked with tearing random strangers' clothes off in order to discern who is a vampire (and who is embarrassed). Forget garlic, because in Akiba's Trip, stripping is how you find out who's a bloodsucker.


The clothes worn by the vampire-type creatures protect them from sunshine - yes, even those skimpy maid outfits! Those who can't wait for the PSP game's May release and just want to get to the clothes-removal should head over to the the title's official browser game.

For a browser game it's pretty explicit. Lots of grabby-grab and sweaty, distressed ladies and underwear. The woman narrating the browser game is none other than Japan's favorite pornstar gamer, Noa.


And if ripping clothes off anime ladies isn't your thing, the site does have piano music. And everybody likes piano music. Everybody.

AKIBA'S TRIP [Official Site via チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報 NSFW]

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