Team Ninja Explains How It Researched Breast Physics: "Hands On"

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For years now, Team Ninja has been talking up the breast physics in its Dead or Alive fighting games. And now that DOA5 is coming out, Team Ninja is...talking up breast physics.


According to website PSU, Team Ninja producer Yosuke Hayashi said the DOA5 development team went "hands on" with partners and other studio staff to get the game's breast physics "right".

Oh. Yep, once again, Team Ninja proves the amounts of fucks they don't give is the stuff of legends.


But DOA5 is more than just jubblies. "DOA5 is a fighting game for this generation," said the producer, adding, "Our game engine is built from scratch." And, apparently, it's built from groping, too.

Team Ninja goes hands-on with breasts to create 'the cutest chicks in videogames' [PSU via NeoGAF via インサイド]

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Jonathan Ponikvar

The saddest part is that even with "Hands-on" experience, they still can't make the breasts move like real ones. So they obviously weren't paying attention...