Dead or Alive 5's 'Sexy Costume' Trailer Needs More Sexy Costume

I don't get it, Tecmo Koei. This is supposed to be the "Sexy Costume" trailer, but it only shows Zack for all of 10 seconds, padding the rest with female characters dressed like some sort of rabbits. What gives?


I suppose "sexy" is a completely subjective term. Years of conditioning and stimuli go into determining what one person registers as arousing. Perhaps if one grew up on a far that raised rabbits for pet stores or snacks for especially large snakes, then Dead or Alive 5's lagomorphic swimwear would totally do it for you.

Me? My wife-creature is a burlesque performer, so skin has become so commonplace in my day-to-day life that I get excited when she's wearing pants and a shirt. Sometimes, when she's not around, I Google women using Safe Search.

So my environment has been instrumental in determining what I consider provocative. By extension, one can easily imagine that Team Ninja is constantly surrounded by the late 80s, early 90s. Don't tell them we're supposed to be sensitive and avoid objectification at all costs. The amount of fucks they don't give is the stuff of legends.

In closing, I need to buy some red pants.



Silly and bad looking compared with Tekkens beach clothes dlc