Team Ninja isn’t quite dead and buried. As we first broke, Tomonobu Itagaki, the founder of the studio, quit and sued the company. But in September Tecmo announced a new head for the studio and said they were currently working on three new titles. Gamasutra recently sat down with that new head, Hitoshi Hasegawa, to talk about the future of the team. In the interview he touches on a couple of interesting things, including their take on Wii development. And where they stand on the Xbox 360 and PS3.On developing for the PS3:

For the PlayStation 3, we do not believe that we've seen the fullest of its potential from any standpoint: from a developer standpoint, and also a consumer standpoint — and just in products in general. The developers have been releasing products, but there is a bigger potential. There is greater potential, and we see that possibility the most in the PlayStation 3. It's going to be up to us developers and Sony to make sure that that does happen.

On whether Team Ninja will ever do a Wii game:

Internally at the company, we have a lot of knowledge, and I think we've mastered most of the components to make a very compelling and entertaining product using the console. We will continue to work in that path. We have a lot of Wii console fans within the company, so hopefully there's something that we can work on.

Hit up the link to read the full four-page interview. Team Ninja Ready For More [Gamasutra]