Team Fortress, De-booted | Low-resolution Team Fortress 2 classes, made cuter for older systems. By PixelBlock, an artist who's done these and numerous other demakes in the past month.

Takedown Notice Sends Battlestar Galactica Modders Fleeing from the NBC Universal Tyranny

A swell Battlestar Galactica mod for Nexus drew the attention of NBC Universal, who sent a cease-and-desist over to ModDB, which had been hosting the work on it. And 19 other BSG mods. All have been wiped out there. More »

Advertisement Finally Redirects to, Y'know, Modern Warfare 3's Website

At last, the long, sordid saga of has come to an end, one month before the game's release, with lessons learned for all sides. More »


Frozen Account Further Sours PayPal's Terrible Reputation with Indie Devs

For the third time in about a year, PayPal has frozen the account of an independent developer for six months, presumably because preorder activity triggered red flags. PayPal rarely says why in this case, even to the account holder, leaving its actions to appear arbitrary and bureaucratic, if not portrayed as mean-spirited. More »


So Another Hall-of-Famer Sued EA Sports. Should Video Gamers Care?

As multiple lawsuits have been brought in multiple venues by multiple former college athletes—some of whom are actually more recognizable as professional stars—I've tried to pull back to the big picture of what really faces video gamers and (principally) EA Sports in the parade of litigation over unauthorized use of likenesses in sports video games. More »


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Requires a 'Permanent Internet Connection'

Mandatory constant Internet connections piss off PC gamers. No studio can has yet put that news in any light that didn't summon an extremely indignant reaction. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2's tried to put it in a different light by saying the constant connection is how players will be served actual game content. Like missions. That does not sound any better than a constant DRM check. More »


Easter Egg Gives Breaking Bad a Cameo in Rage

Appropriately enough, the season four finale of Breaking Bad is on AMC tonight. You may recall that, in late August, Rage made a strange cameo in the meth-slinging drama, in which someone plays the game with a light gun. Well, Rage has returned the favor with a Breaking Bad prop cameo of its own. More »

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