Team Fortress 2's Engineer Gets 'The Wrangler,' Total Sentry Control

The Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update continues, building up to its end-of-week release, with the Wrangler. If you've ever wanted manual control for your sentries and a shield to protect 'em, this is the item for you.

The Engineer will swap his trusty pistol for the Wrangler, should he choose to equip it, which will hand over a sentry's automatic aiming to the player. While that may sound like a raw deal—sitting back and letting the sentry do your work for you is the whole point, right?—the Wrangler has a few pluses. When using the Wrangler, your sentry will get a fancy, damage-absorbing shield and a faster firing missile launcher.


Perhaps the biggest benefit to the Wrangler might be giving the Engie something to do. You know, instead of frantically whacking those dispensers with a wrench over and over and over and over...

The Wrangler joins the shotgun replacement known as Frontier Justice as part of the Engineer's arsenal.

Head over to the official site for your first look at "Upward", an "all-new, Valve-designed Payload map."


The Engineer Update [Team Fortress - thanks, jerkbot!]

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