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Team Fortress 2 Unlocks Its Feminine Side

Illustration for article titled Team Fortress 2 Unlocks Its Feminine Side

Team Fortress 2 classes decked out with doe eyes and D-cups? Inevitable. We're surprised it took this long to come to our attention, but artist "ghostfire" has launched a thousand shameful clean up sessions with her—not a typo!—rendition of the Red Team in cute outfits that are wildly inappropriate for battle. Yes, prints are available!


Select A Class... by ghostfire [deviantArt - thanks, Marc!]

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@Maldron: Your point well taken...

@Kanik: Well, Raiden is definetly a hit and miss affair (we all know he has no genitals, due to his naked jumping animation). The original Tomb Raider , the only one I liked (I do have the anniversary edition, I will probslby liek that one as well) didn't really bother me much playing as a female lead. But my lady friends DO complain about having to play guys all the time. Unreal Tournament is a good choice of FPS by their standards, and besides, eveyone assumes youre just a guy anyway, so they dont really mind. Plus, im sure in TF2 would implemente female models, all the guys would play them, kinda like WoW, because its easier to be ubercharged if them other guys think youre a girl.

Sometimes, other men make me ashamed of my gender... especialy on MMORPGs...