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Team Fortress 2 Scout Update Live, Now Ridiculously Cheap

The newest update for Team Fortress 2 is live, bringing three new unlockables—the Sandman, Bonk! Energy Drink, and the Force-A-Nature—to the Scout class along with much, much more. The better news? The price!

Team Fortress 2 is currently, like Left 4 Dead was last week, now 50% off for a limited time. That's just $9.99 in U.S. dollars. Where are your excuses now, little man?

The results from the Scout unlock voting process show that the class' new double-barreled shotgun, the Force-A-Nature, will be the update's first unlockable. Just 10 of the 35 new Achievements are required to get it.

Now that that's all taken care of, we're just sure that Valve is hard at work bringing all these goodies to Xbox 360 owners of The Orange Box. Right, Valve?

For a list of all changes, hit up the official Steam web site.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released [Steam]

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