The next Team Fortress 2 class update is only a week away, as Valve officially announces a February 24th release date for the Scout update, with new features revealed on a daily basis.

Yes, the speedy Scout is finally getting his due next week, and Valve has launched the official website for the class update, with daily updates leading up to the big day. Today's update features a new weapon for the Scout in the form of a baseball bat called The Sandman, which allows the Scout to smack foes from a distance with a baseball, dazing them for a period of time that increases the farther the ball travels, giving the player time to run up and give their opponent a few whacks about the head.

Brilliant! Being incredibly fond of those speedy little guys, I'm officially clearing my calendar for next Tuesday, at least for the half-hour it takes me to realize that I suck no matter what weapon I am holding.