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Not new-school, amazingly talented R&B-singing T-Pain either. No, I'm talking the T-Pain of yore—egregious amounts of auto-tune and all. This Team Fortress 2 player keeps the gag going, completely straight-faced, through an entire match, and it's glorious.

TwilightWolfVidjaGames stumbled across the mysteriously musical player in a random TF2 match, and he knew he had to record it. Mainly, they talked about the game and, you know, played a pretty typical match. Honestly, though, that's what made it so great: there weren't any theatrics—just random eruptions of sultry tones over lines like, "But yeah, he's not my main class" (or, written as it sounded, "But yeeAaaaH, he's not my maaain claaAAAaass").

Sadly, the T-Pain sound-alike (ish) got bored and soared off into the sunset on a magic carpet of pure sound—or left the match—before anyone could really learn much about him. Shame. Fingers crossed that he resurfaces in six years with a magnificent natural voice and excellent singing technique. Or double autotune.

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