Team Fortress 2 now has a co-operative "horde" mode of its own, allowing five players to team up and take on waves and waves of...angry robots.


As expected, Valve's "Gray" teases have indeed led us to the dawn of the franchise's war against robotics.


The robots are modelled after each of the existing game's iconic classes. There's at least one new map built for this new game mode (pictured below), which has the robot army trying to deploy and detonate a bomb. There are also new achievements.

What's more, between waves you'll have the chance to upgrade both your character's abilities and weapons. Those making it to the end will pick up, you guessed it, loot. Which I'm guessing it hats.

Only details on the update's robots have been released today. Info on changes to the human players and just what the loot and equipment for the mode is will come later in the week.

The update is scheduled to go live on August 15.

Mann vs Machine [Team Fortress 2]

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