Cheaters in online PC games are as numerous as they are despicable. We hate them, you hate them, but developers, well, developers - like Valve, for example - hate them even more.

So it must be the highlight of their week when they get to not only catch them, but dream up imaginative new ways to punish them. Valve had such good fortune this week, when people were caught using weapons that shouldn't have been available to their player class.

The offender's punishment was grim:

It saddens me that despite my best efforts to instruct and better you, some of you insist on finding new ways to fail.

We have sounded the alert and released a quick fix for an exploit that some unscrupulous players were using to wield items on invalid classes. I have considered an appropriate punishment for the good-for-nothings responsible for this horrendous breach of conduct. Death, of course - but death is too good for disappointments such as these. Instead, their unlockable items have been removed for a month.

To the majority of you who did not see fit to cheat, you have my congratulations: I await the countless other ways you will inevitably disappoint me in the future.


You Have Failed Me [Team Fortress 2]