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Team Fortress 2 Gets Real

If Valve was ever going to make a movie based on Team Fortress 2, we'd hope it was animated. If some studio executive insisted it be live action, however, we could tolerate it looking like this.

Greg Peltz and Ryan Rasmussen may look like they're late to the Team Fortress 2 cosplay party, which seemed to peak around Halloween 2007, but don't let first glances fool you. Their costumes have sacrificed timeliness for quality.

Not content to merely settle for the right colour and overall look, Greg and Ryan have gone overboard on the finer details, like ensuring the costumes fit their bodies the same way they fit the Soldier and Medic in the game, that their weapons are 100% accurate and even going so far as to get the jutting jaw of the Soldier right.


Team Fortress 2 Costume: Ryan 1, World 0. [Ryan]
A Team Fortress 2 Halloween [Greg, via Pixelated Geek]


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