And here's how Mannpower works:

"It's an in-beta CTF-like game mode with grappling hooks and nine different types of powerups. Mannpower alters a few game rules. For one, random critical hits have been disabled. Additionally, teams won't be able to capture the enemy flag unless your flag is at your base. (When your flag is away from your base, you can touch it to instantly return it to base.)"

"Mannpowers exist in the world and can be picked up by all classes. When picked up they add abilities and enhancements to the player carrying it. Mannpowers can be dropped at any time by hitting your dropitem key, and will drop automatically when the player carrying it is killed. Note that you can only carry one at a time, and that you can't take powerups into respawn rooms."


Mannpower mode is still in beta, but Valve wants the community to be involved early with this one.

Beyond that, Smissmas includes new "festive" weapons, 29 new cosmetic items, stocking stuffers, changes to Mann vs Machine mode, and a slew of balance tweaks mostly focused on the Demoman.


Here's GlassyGaming giving an overview of some of the new weapons:

It's not a multi-day event like other TF2 updates, but it's still decently substantial. Part of me wonders if Valve put it out so quickly to silence the cries of "Team Fortress 2 is dead," but new stuff is new stuff. Have you had a chance to give it a go? What do you think?