Valve is throwing on ongoing public beta test for Team Fortress 2, and everybody that owns the game is invited!

Valve loves adding new items and features to Team Fortress 2, but doing so takes testing, and testing takes people. Where are they going to find a large group of people with a vested interest in the future of Team Fortress 2? Oh yeah, the folks that play the game on a regular basis! Players will be able to actively participate in shaping the future of Team Fortress 2, testing new weapons, class changes, new maps, and large-scale game variations in a safe and friendly environment.


To participate in the Team Fortress 2 open beta, all TF2 owners need do is download the beta from Steam. Once downloaded, players will gain access to the first beta build, featuring three different new versions of Natascha, some map tweaks, and a change to the hit-scan weapons effect the movement of players being healed by medics.

If any of that sounded important to you, hit up the link below for more information on participating in the Team Fortress 2 public beta.

Prepare for your examination! [Team Fortress Blog - Thanks Sweeper!]

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