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Hey, Kotaku [said in Buster Bluth voice]. You ready to wrap up this Monday with a little off topic conversation? Good, because this open thread is just kind of sitting here unused. Will somebody do something with this thing?

As you've probably heard over the past 24 hours or so, that Arrested Development movie is still (apparently) on track. But one of the big surprises dropped at this weekend's New Yorker Festival was that the show is coming back for ~10 brand new episodes, each focusing on a member of the extended Bluth family. That's good news for anyone who's ever watched and loved this short-lived show. Great news. Unexpectedly great news. I just hope it really, really happens and that I don't get hit by a bus before it all wraps.


Anyway, if you're not an Arrested Development fan, here are some other things to talk about in tonight's open thread, if you'd like to comment.

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