According to a "leaked" flier from Target, the retailer will be running a buy two, get the third free promotion that includes Playstation 4 games. Is that a good deal? Absolutely. That equates to getting three brand new, next-gen games for $40 each, but not so fast.

The first question you need ask yourself is whether there are three (more importantly even two) retail launch games you actually want. For those who don't already have a Playstation 4 pre-ordered and were going to camp at Target anyway, this whole thing is basically a no-brainer. However, if you've already got your next console on lock, I would recommend you steer far away from this. The whole thing starts at 8am, meaning people will be lining up en masse at 5am, and the truly dedicated long before that, in November.


There's also no guarantee that stock will hold for the games you want.

We'll have more on this as it develops, and hopefully find you some online deals on these games, since those are a sure thing, and don't require you waking up before sunrise.

Here's today's regular Kotaku Deals roundup.


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