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Tap Tap Transforms from iGame Into iMusic Platform

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A day after their game, Tap Tap Revenge, was revealed as the top free download on iTunes, the folks behind the title are announcing a new line of games featuring big names in music.

Tap Tap Dance hit iTunes for $5 today with music from Daft Punk, Justice and Moby and was created in conjunction with EMI.


Mark Johns, one of the engineers behind the game, told me that the game was recreated from the ground up using Open GL in hopes of further expanding the title into something more like a platform.

"The model is similar to the expandable content of Rock Band," he said.

It sounds like the company is still deciding whether they want to release music packs for the existing title or reinvent the game with each new artist, but either way, they hope to change the way people listen to music on their portable.


In its current form Tap Tap has you tapping approaching symbols to the beat of a playing song. But other iterations could change not only the gameplay but the music you're listening to, Johns said.

"Say you have a static song, a song about heartbreak maybe," he said. "You listen to the song and it’s kind of the same experience every time. But when you’re playing the game say there is a heart in the middle of the screen and you have taps coming toward the heart. If you do well, you protect the heart and the song is happy but if you don’t, the heart breaks and the music changes."

Already the company has another game lined up for this Christmas featuing six holiday songs by Weezer. Other band-themed songs are planned for next year.

And Johns hopes that much more innovation can be introduced to the gameplay with future iterations.