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Talking the New Xbox Live Experience for a Short Ride

Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360, may not have been wearing a velvet smoking jacket, but he still had some pretty sexy stuff to show off today in a hotel room opposite the convention hall today. Greenberg walked a group of journalists through a demonstration of the live and kicking New Xbox Live experience. Showing us a bit about avatar creation, how friends will show up in the 3D world and how games, movies and such will be listed. We even got to see a couple of environments.


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Wally Kockinhymer

This is really coming along nicely. I am really starting to like the avatars. I really liked the Miis, but Nintendo has not expanded the Miis in any way. Microsoft's avatars will continue to expand and evolve as time goes by. Things like collegiate apparrel via NCAA Football would be awesome. Like being able to dress my little avatar in a Mizzou Football uniform with a helmet and all that goodness. Or some St. Louis Cardinals or St. Louis Blues stuff. I can't wait.