Video game professionals and professional hopefuls attending the East Coast Games Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina this morning have a unique opportunity to watch me and several other members of the games media talk about balancing our love of games with our love of talking about journalism.

The East Coast Games Conference is an annual forum that brings together video game professionals from all over the east coast in order to make connections, find work, and attend fancy parties. The real reason they are all here today, however, is to watch The Escapist's Steve Butts, Casey Lynch from IGN, Polygon's Russ Pitts and I discuss games journalism from 11:15 to 12:15. Chris Morris was supposed to be here as well, but apparently being incredibly ill is more important than cupcakes and bourbon.


The panel will discuss how members of the media cover games that they love, and might slip into the realm of ethics, in which case I've brought something to keep me occupied while the rest of them get into it.

If you happen to be attending the conference, you'll find us in room 303 at 11:15, making it the perfect way to spend the spare hour between Introduction to UDK and lunch.

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