It's cold outside. So it's a good thing that some of this week's digital Nintendo offerings offer you shelter. But don't count on safety. Those animals in Funky Barn will send your head spinning. For real.

Sadly, there doesn't appear to any actual George Clinton "Mothership Connection" P-Funk style grooves in the animal husbandry agriculture sim. A shame, really, since Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk always makes things better. Nintendo also pays tribute to its early days with a downloadable version of Ballon Fight, a classic title that's part of the first wave of games coming with the Wii U's Virtual Console launch.

Fans of old-school adventure games can sink their teeth into The Cave, brought to you by Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions. (Read the Kotaku review here.) And, look, a Contra game! Aside from the retro offerings, puzzle-solving and crops-tending, it's a relatively light download list in the Nintendoverse: