The Cave is a fairly simple adventure/puzzle game. It's cute, too. The narrator is sort of a goon who gets pleasure out of watching the cave spelunkers do their evil deeds. He's a little sadistic, as comforting and as jolly as his voice might deceive you to believe otherwise. In fact, The Cave himself might be the most villainous, greedy character of the entire game. Sure, I just tampered with a nuclear bomb and killed an adventurer just to cross a path, but The Cave watches and laughs. He creates the commentary. He's keeping the score.


The feeling I'm left with after having played the game several times over is that I'm reminded by how much I love adventure games with clever puzzles. Because it reminds me that gamers can be smart problem-solvers. We can be resourceful and thoughtful. We can make the best of a situation. We can look at our set of tools and piece seemingly uncooperative items together to create something to our advantage. Even if all the while we're being taught a lesson about the narrow-viewed goal seeking we often take up when we pick up a controller.