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Talk Of Mother 4 Doesn't Mean It Will Happen

Illustration for article titled Talk Of emMother 4/em Doesnt Mean It Will Happen

Shigesato Itoi, who's perhaps best known in Japan as a copy writer and TV personality, already said that there will be no Mother 4. Making Mother 3 was no easy task. That doesn't mean there still isn't hope - however faint that might be.


In an upcoming issue of Japanese magazine "Brutus", there's a four page feature on Shigesato Itoi. The mag followed him around for two months in an attempt to pin Itoi, who's done everything from design shirts to voice the father in My Neighbor Totoro, down.

Even though there are no plans to make the game and even though Itoi already said there will be no Mother 4, Itoi and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discuss Mother 4 in the magazine. While the interview hasn't been published, don't look at this as any sort of future confirmation that they're going to make the game. From the sound of it, it's just two guys talking about something that doesn't exist.


One of those guys just happens to be Shigesato Itoi. The other is the president of Nintendo.

Mother was released on the Famicom back in 1989. It's sequel, Mother 2, was localized into English as "Earthbound". Mother 3 never received a Western release.

任天堂岩田社長と糸井重里、『MOTHER4』について語る [インサイド] [Pic]

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I can't stress this enough...but this isn't spoken of AT ALL of in the west. Itoi is a renaissance man, and NOT a game designer. For example, my grandma sent me a clipping from the Seattle Times in which Ichiro is being interviewed by Itoi...and the article described Itoi as "a 62 year old wordsmith celebrity, who is known in Japan as being the creator of popular commercial jingles and advertising blurbs." When I showed that description to my gamer friends, they lost their mind and started going on about "mother mother mother". Well, hate to break it to you, but Itoi is not really known for Mother in Japan..but when you look at the man from an overseas perspective...really the only thing he has been associated that has been released in the west is mother. So while you may be thinking "Itoi = Mother" the the vast vast vast majority of Japanese people...they really have no idea he was involved with making a couple of video games.

And my intuition and experience in the Japanese business world is that if Itoi says that "there will be no mother 4"...then I'm pretty sure Iwata will see to the best of his ability that it remains that way. Call it "honoring the creator's wishes". But I look at Mother now as a franchise with a primarily western following. I had my copy of Mother 3 preordered and everything, and was expecting a huge line on release day....but the stores were a ghost town. I've also been to TGS several times, and I myself have not seen any Mother related that with the couple times I've been to PAX...and it is not out of the ordinary to see dozens of Mother cosplayers. I'd say that the western mother fan-dom scene now eclipses several times over what kind of fan scene there ever was here.