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Today's Talk Amongst Yourselves is the same as last year's TAY, except for one thing. This is still our daily forum where you can talk about games. But last year, Chuck Greene was welcome. Not this time. No, this time, we welcome Frank West.


Thanks to reader Pan1da7 for today's image (and who also did yesterday's. Man, what are we paying you Pan1da7? Consider it doubled!)

Take a crack at being featured atop TAY some time this month simply by making a hilarious Photoshop or some other manipulation of the month's image. Pull a clean version from this thread. Make sure your image is 16x9 and funny. That will improve the odds of your image getting picked. Submit the image to the #TAYpics thread.

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Ossidiana really can't wait to play Arkham City.... BUT her brother apparently just preordered it, and it was sent to him today. Ossidiana knows that once her brother has finished the game, he won't need anymore and she could borrow it basically forever. HOWEVER, this means that she'll have to wait until her bro has finished the game before finally getting to play it. The other option Ossidiana has would be to buy another copy of the game, but after both she and her bro have finished it, they'd end up with two copies of the same product (and even if a copy is resold, some money still get lost). And Ossidiana isn't very rich.


What is Ossidiana supposed to do in this situation? Expose your solution to this problem.