Talk Amongst Yourselves and the Pikmens

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The final official full day of E3 2012 is upon us, and you folks certainly have a lot to talk about in Kotaku's official forum, Talk Amongst Yourselves.


Once again Pan_1da7 is on the cutting edge of TAYpic manipulation technology, infesting our Primavera with tiny plant creatures. I think I've been to that restaurant.

Want a piece of the TAYpic action atop this six-day-a-week post? Grab the base image here, provide a funny variation on it, and post it in the #TAYpics thread. Keep your image in a 16x9 ratio. The best ones will be featured in future installments of Talk Amongst Yourselves.

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Basically I plan to buy two out of the 4 games mentioned below:

-Yakuza of the End

-Dragon's Dogma

-Asura's Wrath

-Kingdoms of Amulur

Can anyone suggest which two I should pick and why I should pick them. Thanks :)

EDIT: I can see that a lot of you are saying The Witcher 2. Sadly my 360 is broken and my PC can't handle it so I'm stuck with my PS3.