Talk Amongst Yourselves

It's a brand new month, and we've got a brand new TAYpic to bastardize, but right now let's discuss video games in Kotaku's official forum, Talk Amongst Yourselves.

This month's TAYpic base comes from professional TAYpic craftsman Pan_1da7. Well, technically "Primavera" comes from Sandro Botticeli, but that was way back in 1482, so I don't think he'll mind.


You know the drill by now. Grab a larger version of the painting and go to town, remixing one of Botticelli's finest pieces into a mishmash of video game madness. Post your masterpieces in the #TAYpics thread. Don't forget to keep your image in a 16x9 ratio if you want a slice of Talk Amongst Yourselves glory. We're counting on you.

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