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Look out behind you! Welcome to Kotaku's official forum, known affectionately as Talk Amongst Yourselves. This is the place where we gather on a daily basis to discuss all things video game and existential. Want to talk about new games, old games, games that aren't even out yet? Knock yourselves out!


Here we have a TAYpic by The_Real_Pan1da7. Now I can understand why the Assassin's Order would be gunning for Smug, Well-Off Guy. He's rich, powerful and wears jaunty headgear. All of that means that he's probably a n evil Templar in need of immediate life removal services. But Angry Impoverished Dude? Why does he get a knife in the throat? Well, all that screaming must get annoying, I guess. "Requiescat in pace," guys.

You can do funny things with pictures, right? Want everyone on this fine web forum to see? Here's what you do. Post your masterpieces in the #TAYpics thread. Don't forget to keep your image in a 16x9 ratio if you want a slice of Talk Amongst Yourselves glory. Grab the base image here. Don't forget to keep your image in a 16x9 ratio if you want a slice of TAY glory. The best ones will be featured in future installments of Talk Amongst Yourselves.

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So, I don't know how many Community fans are here, but I'm simultaneously happy and sad about the show's season 4 renewal.

I'm glad it's coming back, but it seems like NBC has essentially killed the show already by saying it's only getting a half-season. Unless Dan Harmon is told ahead of time that they're getting more episodes, Season 4 is clearly going to be written around a series finale, and I'm not ready to let go of the show yet. :[

Why must everything good be destroyed in favor of garbage?