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It's Martin Luther King Jr. Monday in America, the perfect time to sit around discussing video games in Kotaku's official forum!


It's Dr. Fetus versus Bearded Dude in today's Street Fighter-inspired TAYpic from DanimalCart. Thanks!

Join in the fun and submit your own TAYpic. Please do your best—or your worst—and share your own riffs on our January image to our #TAYpics thread. Just remember to keep your image in a 16x9 ratio and you just might see it featured atop a future installment of Talk Amongst Yourselves. Grab the base image here. The best ones will be featured in future installments of Talk Amongst Yourselves.

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Paradox me

Your favorite cast from a video game. Go!

Mine's no surprise to anyone that's familiar with my posts here on Kotaku: Final Fantasy IX. I know some folks didn't like 'em, but I thought they were incredible. They were believable, they felt like actual people in this world rather than walking plot points.

Granted, I could probably name a handful of characters from other games that I liked more than some of IX's on an individual basis (such as Quina and Amarant), but as a group I can think of none greater. They complimented each other so well.


-The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater