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All this Paul Christoforo drama has me wondering about my worst customer service stories. I can't think of a single time someone has been a giant asshole to me, (except for that one lady at CVS. Stop rolling your eyes at me please, mam) So what is your worst customer service stories? Tell us all today on...Talk Amongst Yourselves!


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I got a genuine question/topic.

I'm an ubergeek that checks Kotaku about a thousand times per minute, but I also have a really healthy non-geeky social life. I have friends that are artists, photographers, models, make up artists, videographers, etc etc and I go out and all that fun stuff.

My thing is, I want to meet an attractive geeky chick. These "normal" females just ain't doing it for me anymore. Do I need to start going to anime conventions? Where does one find such a specimen out in the wild?