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Guile was the one character I could never beat Street Fighter 2 with. I don't know what it is, but even to this day I am still unable to use Guile. I guess everybody has that one Street Fighter character that they just don't understand.


Who are you horrible with? Take this time to Talk Amongst Yourselves.

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I've been talking myself in and out of getting a tablet for months now but I think I'm going to do it. I'm going to buy a Motorola Xoom. Why the Xoom? Well, big plus for me is the SD Card and USB 2.0. It'll be my first tablet and I'll mostly be using it for Netflix during stationary cardio workouts (treadmill/stationary bike), browsing on the internet, email, light gaming, and possibly some books. The major deciding factor though was the fact that it had support for USB/SD card slots...which...apparently isn't as widespread as I initially thought amongst tablets. I was eyeing the Xoom when it first debuted (if anyone remembers it was like $800 back then) but now I'll be picking it up for a little less than half of that. I'm okay with that. I gave my laptop away to my church for the youth pastor to use (their old laptop was terrible) and I've been "hurting" for something since. Yeah, I can browse on my iphone 4 but I need a little bit more than that for home use. I'm hoping this tablet will be the answer to I've read have been pretty great.

So guys & gals with tablets, how do you feel about yours (iOS/Android/Whatever)? Purchase and experiences thus far?

Appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks! :D

Edit: I'm glad I held off on buying Bastion when it first released! Picked it up yesterday for 50% off (600 MS points). Once I finish with some other games, I'll be moving on to that. I've heard that a lot of you guys really like thanks for sharing that. I'm pretty excited about it.