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Hello Kotaku! Gaming your hearts out this week I hope, because there's plenty to play. I'm immersed in Skyrim and enjoying it thoroughly, what about you? Tell us what you've been playing and use this space to talk amongst yourselves!


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5 Years ago I would have bought Skyrim day 1. The now expected Complete/Ultimate/GOTY editions have really killed all desire to preorder anything for me. Any preorder bonus DLC will be included with the next release as well, and for cheap.

The only games I find myself preordering are Atlus published (some Aksys/NIS) with physical goodies. Great CEs by AAA game publishers are 'usually' pointless to preorder due to being overproduced. They usually plummet in price within months. A grim reminder of wasted money every time I walk past CEs of Assassin's Creed, Dead Space, Bioshock, any Bethesda game, etc.

It seems like the only real incentive to buy new (at launch) these days is to play a game you've anticipated so much that your excitement outweighs the cost. I haven't felt that way about a game since I got my first job.

Publishers and developers are overly concerned about the used game market, and maybe they should be, but it seems to me that the biggest threat to sales is their own cannibalization of new releases by teaching us to wait for better, cheaper versions. It's the Capcom strategy magnified, and it seems like a horrible trend for the industry. Then again if everyone is doing it, it must be working, right?