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Seize the day! For there is no day like TAYday to talk about video games.

A very special thanks goes out to Brian H. May for today's TAYpic.

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A case for Valve.

Ever since Valve "cheated" me out of my beloved Half Life franchise (*shakes fist*), i've been ranting about them. At every opportunity. I either spewed forth my own bitterness or supported the sentiment in others. Where's my ep3? Where's my HL3? Wtf are you Valve flunkies working on, anyways? etc. etc.

Then i got to thinking. These guys may just have helped put PC (and Mac!) solidly back on the map. Sure, the so-called "death of PC gaming" has always been something of a scam, but look at how vibrant and visible it is when seen through the eyes of Steam. And it's still growing.

Was this part of their plan all along? Is it an unintentional, yet beneficial consequence of their alleged lust for riches? I don't know. But it seems to be working and it seems to be mostly positive (nothing being perfect, natch).

So maybe i'll put the rant away for now and see what develops. Heck, they may even agreeably surprise me some day.