Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Welcome to the new week. We're sure you have plenty of concerns and responsibilities to attend to, but stop for a minute. Take a breather. And do what you really want for a bit. Which is talk about all things video games, right here, with the Kotaku faithful. Have at it!


And in, case you were wondering, Brian H. May is the man to thank for today's TAYpic. Give him a high five.

To get your TAYpic featured here, be sure to submit your images to #TAYpics, and please keep submitting until you're out of good ideas, at which time, we recommend you keep submitting anyway. If you still need more instruction, check out this thread for details on how you can be a TAY superstar.

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Sam fisher's an aimbot

What are my fellow Kotaku-ers cooking for their dinner? I'm going to do chicken strips in dopiza sauce with a few peas and rice!