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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves. This is a general video games forum; please do bring up any and all topics pertaining to video games. Have fun everybody!


Side note: We're running out of TAYpics again. We had a bunch, but went through them pretty fast. If any of you TAY hot-shots have been saving your ideas for a rainy day, now's the time to break them out! Conversely, if there are fresh-faced TAY novices who have been toying with the idea of making an image, I really think you should give it a try. As always, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys will think of next.

Maybe this'll make it worth your while: From now on we will be "big-picing" the TAY post every day, which means the TAYpic will be showing up in the scrollable news feed on the side of the screen. I know it's not exactly a cash reward, but it means more people will see your work. We were planning on doing this for a little while now. Hopefully we'll have enough TAYpix to match the post's bigger profile!


Back to the present: Thank you Hisilarn for today's image.

Wanna get your TAYpic on Kotaku? Submit your pic to #TAYpics.

(Read this thread for directions on how to do a TAYpic.)

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Since not many people saw it in #speakup yesterday (but it seems like so few people visit it these days, what with it being hard to access and all), I ask again:

What games do you play when you want everything to just go away so you can relax? Normally, for me, that'd be some old-school shooter like AvP2 or NOLF or Serious Sam or something, but for some reason, AvP2 is getting on my nerves, I'm botching all of NOLF's stealth sections, and my knuckles are getting white gripping the mouse.

Nothing console-side seems to be helping easier, and I sure could use a nice, relaxing game right now, as I've been turned down for yet another job (with no explanation as to why I was not selected, which is a first; everyone else has found someone more qualified), and my medical symptoms are flaring up, which means intense pain and nausea 24/7.