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Today's image comes from OrbitofGlass who bravely defied our 640x360 image size requirements. OrbitofGlass also bravely submitted an image even though we currently don't support image uploads (only link-sharing) over at #TAYpics. Tech tells me image uploading will be back at some point.


I've been developing a sixth sense lately, Kotaku readers. I predict... some of you will complain legitimately about certain things. I'm answering your complaints before you make them (again).

-Yes, a scollbar is scheduled to be added to the stack of headlines on the right by early next week.
-Don't worry, I miss notifications as well, and am happy to say they'll also be back by next week.
-No, you should be able to promote comments. That feature and other commenter features is scheduled to be restored as soon as today (take that deadline with a grain of salt please.)

(To increase your chances of me seeing your concerns about the redesign, please file your constructive criticism over at #redesign. We are trying to read all feedback. Our tech team has been working on improvements.)

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