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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Hope you had a fun break, welcome back to a short week of happy discussions. Start one now!


Verno77 created this wonderful TAY Holiday Card. There are six chances each week to get your handiwork featured on Kotaku. Just shop up this image and submit it to the #taypics hashtag.


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I think I might have gone overboard on the Steam sale, I've bought 10 games so far, however I've only got two installed so far, Borderlands GotY Edition and Batman Arkham Asylum GotY Edition.

The downside; because the sale's obviously very popular, the download speed's being choked like crazy, I'm only getting less than half my normal speed and a few dropouts, which normally I wouldn't mind, but I just got Dragon Age Ultimate edition which is a HUMONGOUS 20GB.

It's a damn good job my ISP doesn't have a fair use policy...