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It is seldom sunny enough for Boktai, but the weather is always good for commenting about video game in TAY.


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Last time's discussion was in game advertising. This week on the Ping of the week(TM): Modern Warfare 2 Camping:

I was a PC gamer first then a console gamer. I remember playing Duke Nukem on multilayer on late hours of the time(that was one bad ass game!) . I stopped playing counter strike when I was about to finish school(it was just released a year or so ago...yes I am that old!). The reason being campers.

MW has many flaws but I think its the addictive arcadey style perks/unlocks and UAV that make it addictive and fun MP. Now before I say anything I dont mind losing or getting my ass kicked BUT if you are sitting in a corner the whole game what is the fun in that? I don't aim to be in the top 5 rank but at least I want to have some fun in a round .

Rank give no achievements now so why are you sitting there with your 102 kills its pointless.Also they get 102 kills and Chopper/plane spam. Now I know its stupid to run and gun but its more fun when you are actually playing the game . Careful treading is different then camping. Also Sniper rifles mean you have to sorta of stay in one place so it does not constitute as camping but if all the opponent team are hold up in one closed area how can the game become fun. I have played so many games where the other team were all hiding in one camp friendly room and believe me when I say this MW2 has lot of camp friendly map(quarry and estate anyone?). Start a map and hide behind a bookshelf for the whole game waiting for passersby . gee... THATS FUN. I am so glad I unlocked the Heart beat sensor... and LO AND BEHOLD my kill/death ratio has increased 10folds . Most of them of people are peopke camping !there was one map this dumass kept hiding in the same shack (the map with two bridges on either side and water underpass) . I went and knifed him atleast 10 times in the game and he kept going hiding in the same camping spot to take out unsuspecting people.

Also, no I will not camp like [] win.. I want to play for fun. I have noticed 80 percent of the live player do this in MW2(and halo) . Huddle in a corder and them afterwards spam UAVs etc. Battlesfield BC had campers too but there was a minigame I had... get the dog tag of the guy camping in the game into my dog tag collection as vendetta LOL I remember playing with my friend and telling him " stupid ass camper... watch me ...before this round is over I will collect his tag." Basically if you don't know in bad company when you knife someone you collect a dog tag with his Gamer tag on it in your personal collection off line.

I know some camper is going to justify himself below by calling me names but ..meh.. the truth hurts. So guys play for fun.. you don't get anything for being rank Supreme beloved leader General of Camperistan 150 with gazillion kills.