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So people who were complaining about games being postponed to 2010 probably don't have most of the platforms but even still there's a lot of games coming out during the last quarter of this year.

It sort of begins with Batman and prof layton 2 which is followed by Dissidia but a lot don't care about these titles so it's slower then it moves to Rockband: Beatles which still has a limited audience now thanks to people owning peripheral-based music games (but yes all of them will sell decently for the most part). The following week sees Wet, Katamari, Guitar Hero and NFS. Following which we've got ODST and that's when things get a bit mental.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will compete with Risen & Fifa10 and Alpha Protocol with Op: Flashpoint & Kingdom hearts DS (all in a span of two weeks).

After which we'll have uncharted 2 and brutal legend pretty much making everyone forget Agarest exists though PES2010 might still do fine depending on the reaction to Fifa10. Borderlands seems to have it ok kinda being almost by itself (if not for Forza) thanks to Dragon Age being delayed again.

But that's followed by Tekken 6 and Ratchet and Clank again on the same /week.

Dragon Age (Which Dr Muzyka says will take 100 plus hours to complete or rather it did for him) now just has to face Blur and Wii-Fit plus.

This leads to the Activision's period of Band and DJ Heroes, MW2 and Ride. Assassin's creed 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 will make appearances though MW2 comes out at the same time as L4D2 which makes it interesting.

When all of this is done we'll find ourselves with Saboteur and Spirit Tracks and Avatar (Which most won't care about as a game).

Not to mention that GT5 could fit in December(if they're ready) when it's relatively quiet or the first half of January. There's also the PSPGo release and loads of games for it in October and not to mention a lot of the PSN,XBLA and DSi/Wii-ware games. I know i've not mentioned games like the many psp titles coming or cooking mama 3 but yeah there's a lot of games and a lot of them will probably just be forgotten or pushed aside thanks to the bigger titles or more famous publishers.

So yeah all those games being postponed to 2010 was a good thing but it seems like we're set to repeat the same trends of the last quarter from the End of January. So yeah there are too many games coming out but it does seem relatively quiet for the latter half of 2010 but then again 'yeah right'. I think if the trend continues we'll end up with several games of a much shorter length. Maybe it would be a good idea to have retailers function as distributers like in the film industry to give devs and pubs a decent idea of conflicting release windows. The current system gives the consumer a lot of choice, though not a lot of money to buy them all. If this continues for a few years and more than 50% of the pubs dont see a lot of profit, We could end up seeing cheaper games with shorter lengths and limited multiplayer. They haven't really learnt a lot from last year except start releasing earlier or make a new hectic period. Now the first half of the year gets crowded which was traditionally the time to finish off games that you didn't finish during the latter half of the year. At least summers have fewer games.

p.s. I know we won't be buying all these games but there's a lot of 'interesting' and 'the general public would like to try' type of games in there. Limiting it to 3 or 4 is practical but as they say sometimes the selfish heart wants more.