Talesworth Adventure Proves Its Worth

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Only one idiotic adventurer has the power to run headlong into traps, pits, and other obstacles on his quest to save the riches of Talesworth from the evil red dragon. He could probably use your help.


Talesworth Adventure Episode One is a nifty little flash game, in which you have to guide the creatively named adventurer Questy through a labyrinthine castle in order to liberate treasure stolen from the good people of Talesworth. The only problem? Questy is so determined in his quest that he will only turn when walls or special arrows tell him to. It's up to you to place one-way doors and irresistible bags of treasure throughout each level, luring Questy away from danger and blocking off paths that would otherwise lead to his demise.

Talesworth Adventures is the creation of J!nx creative overlord Sean "Jinx" Gailey, who fancies himself an indie game developer when he isn't hawking video game t-shirts. Personally I can't see how a person can handle juggling game development or writing while helping to maintain a video game-themed clothing company, but I suppose it just works for some people.


Click the link below to give Talesworth Adventure a try. I find it helps if you don't start playing it when trying to get a Kotaku post out on time.

Talesworth Adventure Episode 1 [Newgrounds]

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That reminds me a little of this game.

Man, I used to love this game and go crazy trying to figure out all the insane freaking puzzles.

In other words, I should probably keep far, far away from this before the end of the work day.