Did I expect to love the heck out of Telltaleā€™s Borderlands adventure game? I did not. And yet here we are.

I played both available episodes of Tales From The Borderlands over the past weekā€”thereā€™ll be five, when all is said and done. Iā€™m really into it so far, to the point where Iā€™ve started bugging my colleagues at Kotaku to play it.

I like Tales for a lot of reasons: The story is breezy and fun, a kinda mix of Cowboy Bebop space-western heists and Saints Row pop-culture gags. Itā€™s a welcome change of pace from the ā€œYour sister or your father will be murdered and eaten: CHOOSEā€ vibe of Telltaleā€™s other recent series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. The writing is funnyā€”I laugh out loud regularly throughout each episode. Itā€™s got a bunch of great voice actorsā€”Nolan North, Troy Baker and Patrick Warburton!ā€”lending their voices to a winning cast of characters.

The whole thing is unusually confident and self-possessed, and both of those qualities are exemplified in the episodesā€™ two musical intro sequences. Nathanā€™s already written about what makes both episodes good (and not-so-good: Theyā€™re still buggy and donā€™t run very well, and the action sequences are still amazingly shitty). For now, I just wanted to highlight those musical intro sequences.


The Borderlands series has a tradition of integrating cool pop music into their opening credits sequences, ever since Cage The Elephant stole the show in the original game. Telltaleā€™s picked up the baton with ease. Hereā€™s the intro to episode one, featuring ā€œBusy Earninā€™ā€ by Jungle.

Hereā€™s the full track, which also gives me fond memories of cruising in Forza Horizon 2:

And hereā€™s the intro to episode two, featuring ā€œKiss the Skyā€ by Shawn Leeā€™s Ping Pong Orchestra:

So good! One of the best opening sequences Iā€™ve seen in a while. Hereā€™s the full track:

Iā€™m looking forward to episode three, partly because I want to know what happens next in the story, but just as much because I want to see the next musical intro. This is the kind of relaxed stylishness I was just saying I wanted more of in Telltaleā€™s adventure games, so Iā€™m happy to see it.