Taking A Chalk Yoshi Into The Streets Is No Laughing Matter

Drawing a realistic 3D Yoshi from Mario Kart with chalk is one thing, but the way the fine folks at the AweMeChannel animated and put him into a real-life street scene is quite spectacular.


Check out the video below to see how they unleashed a fast and furious Yoshi on an unsuspecting neighborhood.


Mario Kart in Real Life (3D Chalk Art) [YouTube]

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Travesty Chandler

Very curious as to how long they took to animate it. With enough time, and skill of course, this could have been a much more fluid animation, even just using the few different frames they have of Yoshi. That's not to say it's bad, in fact I think it's phenomenal, I just think that they should take more time and turn what they had into a more fluid animation. That'd be phenomenal.(I haven't watched the video with audio so I'm not sure how they animated it, so sorry if they explain why they didn't do a more fluid one.)

Either way, great catch with this video. It's a really impressive chalk drawing, and a really neat idea to animate it.

EDIT: Just watched it with audio, or scrolled through it with audio more like, and they explain nothing. Looks like the animation is just a photoshop series of images turned into a gif. Definitely would love to see them take this into after effects or nuke and turn it into a full fledged animation.