Take-Two Confirms GTA's Half a Billion Week

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Last night the New York Times let slip that Grand Theft Auto IV pulled in more than $500 million in its first week, selling an astounding 6 million copies globally, 3.6 million of them on the first day alone. This morning Take-Two confirmed the report, adding some well-deserved back-patting to the numbers.

To put it in perspective Halo 3, the previous record-holder, earned $300 million in the first week.

"We knew Grand Theft Auto IV would break new ground in terms of the player's experience, with its compelling story line, extraordinary gameplay and action that ranges over a broad urban canvas. Now, it has broken sales and rating records as well. Grand Theft Auto IV's first week performance represents the largest launch in the history of interactive entertainment, and we believe these retail sales levels surpass any movie or music launch to date. We congratulate the entire Rockstar team on creating a must-have experience that takes the legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise to a new level," said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman of Take-Two.

"Rockstar's goal is to make each new title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise even better than those that preceded it, and Grand Theft Auto IV is a smashing success on that score. Grand Theft Auto IV makes full use of the power of next generation technology, and offers players an experience unique in the interactive entertainment medium. This game sets a new standard in the industry, with critics hailing it as both an artistic and technological masterpiece," said Ben Feder, Take-Two's Chief Executive Officer.


The real question now is what this record breaking, Halo 3-smashing game will do to the EA/Take-Two talks.

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@argh: In corporate speak that means "They gave us enough cool stuff to overlook flaws and post 10/10 anyway."

What else dose a 10/10 mean if not PERFECT?? Do you get a 100% on a final in school if you miss a question or 2 because you were especialy insightful on an essay question?? Are they working on an extra credit system?? It is saying " It was so good in so many areas that we are over looking short comings in other ares in order to score it a PERFECT 10/10."

GTA 4 is hands down THE best game I have ever played, yet is IS NOT PERFFECT! it should not get 10/10 no matter how you PR spin it. No game should.

That is the problem with the scoring system as I said before. The 10/10 scoring system exists for only one reason, that is to hype up the game and apease the advertisers and keep them giving money to thier site/mag. (You do remember Gertzman-gate don't you??)I give NO credence to any site/mag that uses that system because of the mitigating factors that I have stated previously. I will stick to the "scoreless reviews", feedback from actual gamers, and playing it myself to decide what the truth is about a game.