Take It From The Big Mouth!

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Well, kids, we did it. We survived another work week, watched another seven days of our lives slip away. Hooray! Wait, that sounded pretty grim, didn't it? Well, this is the place to cheer each other up!


In our last semi-nightly open thread for the week, we'll just take it easy. Have a drink. Have a smoke. Talk some shop with your fellow video game-loving online pals and we'll ease on into the weekend. I foresee myself grabbing a few beers, getting away from the computer and getting out of the house. Oh, and I will be purchasing new earbuds, since my dog just "tuned" them with her teeth. Thanks, dog!

Oh, yeah. I'm probably going to go see Thor, too.

Here are a few distractions and/or conversation starters. Have a good weekend, all. Please be nice to Owen!


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So I'm young, and I'm balding.

Should I just buzz the hair really close to the scalp? I look very odd with longer hair, but I'm not fond of the Prince William look, either. And I don't think I'm ready to take the plunge and just shave it all off.