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Take Home 32 Inches Of Marcus Fenix

Illustration for article titled Take Home 32 Inches Of Marcus Fenix

Let's say you love Gears of War. Love Marcus Fenix. Want to mark that love with a piece of memorabilia. Would you love Marcus and his enormous neck enough to spend $350 on an enormous bust?


And I do mean enormous: this piece stands 32 inches tall. That's almost big enough to stick in a car so you can use the transit lane, or, if you're the rural type, to use as a scarecrow.

Two models of the bust will be available at the San Diego Comic Con next week; a regular version for $350, or a "Gold Lancer Edition" for $400, which is different because, yes, Marcus has a gold Lancer.


There are 600 of them in total, so if you do pick one up, know you're in limited - albiet crazy - company.

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I think i'll get this instead and save me about $300 in the process.