Beat the living hell out of Goku, Raditz, and Piccolo in the Xbox 360 demo for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, now available on Xbox Live.

The Dragon Ball: Raging Blast demo gives you a tiny taste of the "most explosive fighting action ever seen for this franchise" today, delivering 261MB of hot Piccolo on Raditz on Goku action. The demo lets players take the three characters for a spin in VS. Mode, with all of the signature moves, super attacks, and guys flying into mountains that entails. Just keep in mind that the demo is a Gold Xbox Live subscriber exclusive for the time being, so Silver members will have to keep playing out battles in their backyards until their turn comes up.

I'm not a big fan of the Dragon Ball manga or anime, but I'm extremely fond of the fighting game franchise, and a company releasing a demo before the game releases is always a good sign. Confidence is key!

Demo: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast [Major Nelson]