Take a Look Inside Batman's HQ with Arkham City's DLC Batcave

The latest update to Rocksteady's hit Bat-game came yesterday, bringing with it a new Batsuit and new Challenge maps for players to perfect their stalking and combat skills in.


One of those arenas is the Dark Knight's santcum santorum, the Batcave itself. YouTuber Drake3691 captures a session inside the giant crevices underneath Wayne Manor and you can see what looks like a Batwing plane in tere, among other things.

Also: working dinosaur. Bruce Wayne sure loves his trophies, doesn't he?


Char Aznable

Challenge maps... ~_~

I loved Arkham City, but I am not paying money for challenge maps. I guess a lot of people will, though? Toss in digital clothing and people will pay for anything.

Yeah I'm just mad there are no free alternate outfits. :< That code wasn't working for me.