The GTA series is known for its parodies of everything relating to pop culture. An early mission in the latest installment has you wandering through the offices of "Lifeinvader," who are practicing "full on, weapons grade, red alert, world domination."

Lifeinvader is GTA's version of Facebook, that conveniently happens to be located in Los Santos. The CEO is a clear take on Mark Zuckerberg, to the point where characters even comment on how he stole the site from his partners.

If nothing else, they got the motto right:

The imagineering room seems to be where they come up with new ideas, including a note for "Backdoor J.I.S.M. access."


Some more motivational posters:


If you hang around, you can catch a meeting where the CEO asks for new ideas (they're already working on a chip that records all of your thoughts):

And finally, a press conference about the new Lifeinvader phone (Note: the major story spoilers are edited out, but if you want to play it safe, skip this video):