Take A Hike: Call Of Duty: Warzone Temporarily Removes All Vehicles

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Screenshot: Activision/Blizzard

If you’re playing Call Of Duty: Warzone you’re going to need to re-polish those soldiery boots. Infinity Ward have temporarily disabled all vehicles from the game. It seems they were breaking stuff.


A recently discovered glitch, as noted by Eurogamer, saw players having discovered a point on the map boundary where the “return to combat area” nag failed to perform its countdown properly. A player can then keep driving around, which doesn’t seem a big problem until 30 seconds later, when the entire game ends for everyone taking part. Oops.

Infinity Ward have flipped the perspex lid and slammed both fists down on the bright red panic button, issuing an update across all platforms that removes every vehicle from the game entirely.

Presumably IW’s mechanics have each and every vehicle up on elevating work platforms, as they frantically tinker with their insides until such chicanery is no longer possible. In the meantime, quick march.

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Yep I felt the lack of vehicles playing last night. Had to run from the gas so much.