Taiwan Animators Come Up With Better Gamertags Than Xbox Live Trolls

Next Media Animation has made a good living offering allegorical reenactments of controversies—many of them in video gaming—and setting them to the sonorous tones of a Mandarin voice-over. I wasn't expecting them to do something on Xbox Live's new Enforcement United Project so soon, however.

Well, hey, it's Monday in Taiwan, too, I suppose. In an email, NMA said they made this after reading my story about what I encountered when I signed up for the Enforcement United beta. The controversy itself seems pulled more from your reactions in the comments, where some readers had a problem with the idea of crowdsourcing moderation in a service the crowd pays to use.


It's the phony Gamertags—well, all but two are phony—in the video's description where NMA shows its true creativity:

But some people just want watch the world burn for lolz. Those are the trolls. You can tell them by their names: Poupon Me Chest, Tig Bitties, RudolfHitler, Tairy Hesticles, imgey, Uncle Female, and a wide variety of (verb/adjective)+Jews. They've made games on Xbox Live virtually unplayable due to the sound of everyone in the game laughing into their microphones.

Heh, Poupon Me Chest. That's good.

Believe it or not, Uncle Female and imgey are in use (and they have a combined Gamerscore of 15) so, people with those two Gamertags, enjoy your fame. Until someone rats on you and the crowd hauls you to the executioner, but it doesn't look like you were using the account much, anyway.


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